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    A Web based App to empower FE for better on-ground Execution

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    Allowing FEs to Invite, Monitor and Engage their HCPs real time

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    Personalized communication to have better connect with HCPs, yet maintaining the brand persona across email and WhatsApp

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    Real-time HCP behaviour and progress tracking for timely intervention

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    Timely reminder through multi-channel promotion increases the course visibility and improves course completion rate amongst enrolled users

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    Personal dashboard and leaderboard for FE to gauge own performance amongst the peer group


What will you overcome through FEsquare?

  • ARE WE READY TO EMPOWER Field Executives?
Key features

FEsquare Provides


One point invitation

In-built integration with popular channels like - WhatsApp, email, and SMS, engage your field force with a personalized interface with real time sync data. Ensure a smooth and ready to roll campaigns without any hassle.


Simplifying access

A handy device-friendly web app for your on-ground campaigns. Create and manage field campaigns, generate actionable reports, and measure performance in real time.


Personalized communication

Create different HCP segments based on their area of practice, specialties, and learning behaviour. Add personalized communication to engage the segmented users to get effective conversions.


Multiple in-clinic touch points

A fully digital cross pollination between the best of two worlds – HCP and MR. Let your field force seize the clinic time with multiple effective touch points with the doctor; check the doctor’s progress real time in your system. No more cold visits.


Triggered transactional communications

Send messages to your HCPs based on their activities on your campaigns. Convert casual users into engaged users with the help of personalized campaigns across multiple channels. Nudge users with the relevant messages based on their actions on your site.


Business Intelligence through Reports and Dashboards

Analytical reports and visual dashboards as BI tools to help the stakeholders to review and plan HCP learning in a way that enhances and supports business goals.

Recent Projects

Success story of FEsquare


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We live in a world where we need to move quickly and iterate on our ideas as flexibly as possible. Building mockups strikes the ideal balance between true-life representation of the end product and ease of modification.

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By Insuzu Litarnit

Mockups are useful both for the creative phase of the project - for instance when you're trying to figure out your user flows or the proper visual hierarchy - and the production phase when they will represent the target product. Making mockups a part of your creative and development process allows you to quickly and easily ideate.

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